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Healthy Lawn With Less Weeds

Here are some good tips for a healthy lawn with less weeds that will help you get the great looking lawn that will make your neighbours as green as your lawn. Maintain idea mowing height Ideal is between 6-9 cm (2.5-3.5″) Mowing too short will result in short roots and a less drought-resistant lawn.  Longer grass keeps soil cool and prevents wee seeds from germinating.  Cutting too long (over 9-10 cm) will lead to competition and shading within the turf stand. Mowing frequent

Pool Gardens

Pool Gardens, and what to consider when planning them. When planning a garden around a pool, it is important to research the right plants due to pool chemicals, humidity levels and intense sunlight surrounding the pool area.  Look for hearty plants that can survive such microclimates, are easy to take care of and still make it look like paradise. Consider plants such as: Backyard Banana Tree Hawaiian Hibiscus Kangaroo Paw Aeonium Rosettes Schefflera Hebe Echeveria Coccinea Bi

Resources for filling in swimming pools

RESOURCES Do you need a permit to fill in a pool? The City of London will ask for permits for building new structures etc. Filling in a pool does NOT require a permit. Here is a link to PERMITS requirements: If you want to get a survey done on your property for HYDRO here is the link with information and phone numbers: If you want to get

Pool Removal

How to Fill an Inground Pool ~ Pool Removal in Ontario How to Fill an Inground Pool With Dirt Backyard swimming pools are fun and relaxing, but the time and expense of maintaining them can be taxing. If you’ve had enough of your pool and want to get rid of it call S.P.M Landscape to come and professionally fill you pool and give you back your yard. What does it take to fill in a pool see our step by step procedure

Fall Lawn Care

Many factors are involved in creating a strong, healthy lawn. Fall lawn care is extremely important if you want a great lawn in the spring. Follow this checklist as part of a sound lawn maintenance program. Top up all gardens with or mulches ~ This will help to protect your plants from the cold To help calculate the quantity of soil or mulch you will need click here: Reduce mowing height and begin mul

Pool By Law in London

To read the full artical click O OFFICE CONSOLIDATION INCLUDING AMENDMENT PS-5-10004 (May 3, 2010) PUBLIC SAFETY By-law PS-5 A by-law to provide for the owners of privately-owned outdoor swimming pools to erect and maintain fences. BY-LAW INDEX Part 1 DEFINITIONS 1.1 Definitions Chief Building Official – defined City – defined Gate – defined Hydro massage pool – defined Maintain – defined Replacement – defined Self-closing device – defined Self-latching device – defined Swimm

Pool Removal

Does your pool need work? Are you tired of the maintanance?? Are you thinking of filling in your pool? Call us today and book your pool removal. Most people wait until fall to fill in their pool. Book early and recieve $100 off!!! #ontario #London #poolliners #getridofmypool #Maintenance #poolfillin #LondonOntariopools #LondonOntario #Poolremoval

Tips For Winter Care of Trees and Shrubs

Tips for winter care of trees and shrubs If your plants get salt spray from the road, burlap may help, but wrap them with a double layer, not a single layer. To avoid having to cover your evergreens, don’t plant them near a road that gets salted, or plant salt-tolerant species such as junipers. To help preserve moisture, cover the root area of evergreens and broadleaf evergreens with a three-inch thick layer of leaf or bark mulch. Protect upright evergreen junipers and cedars

Importance of clearing snow

There are many reasons why it is important to maintain your property and ensure that the snow and ice is managed. Many of our service workers will not go on your property if they feel that it is unsafe. For example, mailmen/women will not deliver your mail if the stoops are not cleared of snow and ice. Salt / salt applied often during the winter months will guarantee that your mail will delivered. Another important reason is for the safety of your family, friends and oth

Ice Maintenance

Have you thought about your ice maintenance for this winter? What type of product is best for your needs? Take a look at our Ice Maintenance page under Snow Plowing for a few ideas to make your decision easier. #RockSalt #SnowRemoval #ontario #London #SandSaltMixture #wintersalting #geosalt #Maintenance #Wintercare #wintermaintenance #SnowPlowing #saltontheroads #LondonOntario #GeoSalt #PropertyCare

Pool Fill

How to fill in an inground pool??? Read step by step the basic procedure under Swimming Pool Fill In #beforeandafter #ontario #London #Procedure #Fillin #Swimmingpool #soil #tamping

Fall Clean

Take advantage of our Companies Coming Cleaning Special………. $ 29.99 / hourBook Today…..Dont Delay!! #ontario #London #christmas #residential #fall #company #clenaing #steamclean #commercial #special #cleaning #LondonOntarioMoving #fallcleaning

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