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Pool Gardens

Pool Gardens, and what to consider when planning them.

When planning a garden around a pool, it is important to research the right plants due to pool chemicals, humidity levels and intense sunlight surrounding the pool area.  Look for hearty plants that can survive such microclimates, are easy to take care of and still make it look like paradise.

Consider plants such as:

  1. Backyard Banana Tree

  2. Hawaiian Hibiscus

  3. Kangaroo Paw

  4. Aeonium Rosettes

  5. Schefflera

  6. Hebe

  7. Echeveria Coccinea

  8. Bird of Paradise

  9. Agave Attenuata

  10. Ornamental Grasses such as Porcupine Grass

  11. Proteas

  12. Jade

  13. Creeping Jenny

  14. Egyptian Popyrus

  15. Martha Washington Geraniums

  16. Staghorn Ferns

  17. Angel’s Trumpet

  18. Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine

Remember to top up the garden with some great mulch as it helps keep the moisture in the soil longer.  Find mulches, soils and aggregates at

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