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Healthy Lawn With Less Weeds

Here are some good tips for a healthy lawn with less weeds that will help you get the great looking lawn that will make your neighbours as green as your lawn.

Maintain idea mowing height

  1. Ideal is between 6-9 cm (2.5-3.5″)

  2. Mowing too short will result in short roots and a less drought-resistant lawn.  Longer grass keeps soil cool and prevents wee seeds from germinating.  Cutting too long (over 9-10 cm) will lead to competition and shading within the turf stand.

  3. Mowing frequently. Do not remove more than one-third of the leaf blade in a single mowing.

Water to prevent drought stress

  1. Recommended amount of water is about 2.5 cm (1″) per week, including rainfall.

  2. Use a rain gauge to determine total water applied.

  3. Water in the early morning to prevent long periods of leaf wetness or loss from evaporation.

  4. Allow turf to go dormant in times of extreme drought to conserve water.

Maintain adequate fertility

  1. Recommended yearly rate of nitogen is 2kg/100 m² (about 4 lbs./1,000 ft²) as four separate applications in: late spring, mid-summer, late summer/early fall and late fall (dormant application).

  2. Leave clippings on lawn after mowing or use a mulching mower.


  1. Overseed in the spring and fall if possible to thicken the stand to help prevent weed seeds from germinating.  If large areas are bare or heavily weed-infested, try cultivating and either re-seeing or lay sod.

Control thatch

  1. Thatch is spongy material between the grass plant and soil layer and should be kept below about 2.5 cm (1″).

  2. Core-aerate to remove soil cores.  This gives the roots air and breaks up thatch.

  3. If thatch thickness is more than 2.5 cm, consider power raking to remove large amounts of material.


  1. Remove weeds by hand for larger, well-established weeds.  Ensure that you remove roots with the plant, or the weed will grow back.

Getting a handle on weeds before they get out of control and staying ahead of them is key to having a beautiful lawn.

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