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Different elements to consider when building a deck

A well designed deck should be an expression of how you live.  Its style, size, and decorative details should match your taste and fit the way you and your family use the deck and space.  Beyond that, your should compliment its environment; its location in you landscape and the natural elements that surround it.  Your deck, therefore , should ideally be somewhat different from and other deck because it is built for you and your lifestyle.  With a little imagination, even the simplest of decks or one built from a kit can be a perfect match for your home and family.

You may design a deck that covers a sloped yard which without a deck may be difficult to maintain (ex. Mowing)

RASIED DECK: provides access for the second story of a home. This may include a sheltered space for sitting and gatherings.  Having a raised deck may provide shade for a lower patio/deck under the home.

WRAP AROUND DECK: connect several interior rooms to the outside and provide more living and entertaining areas. A wrap around is a good choice when you want a deck to provide distinct areas for relaxing, dining or entertaining.

FREE STANDING DECK: can be constructed in almost any shape and offers more opportunity for imaginative design because it doesn’t have to conform to the lines of the house.  A detached structure can sometimes offer more space then a deck that is attached to the house.

STAIRS: connects the levels of a deck and functions is an important element of style.

RAILINGS: are the primary element for defining the style of a deck.  Any pattern or material may be used foe a railing as long as it meets the local codes.  Keep in mind that children may easily climb a railing with balusters that are not vertical.

PERGOLA: provides shade on a sun-washed deck.  It may also be constructed to hang plants or have as a structure for climbing plants.

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