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What is the cost to maintain a swimming pool?

What is the actual cost of a swimming pool?

Most people love the idea of having a pool in their back yard for those sweltering summer days.  However when you speak to people that have pools they will tell you that it is a ‘novelty’ item and nine times out of ten the ‘novelty’ wears off over time.

When considering building a pool or buying a house with a pool remember that a pool is NOT an investment but rather LIABILITY.  There is a only a small number of people who are seeking out a house with a pool. (approx. 10%)  Many real estate agents will actually advise you to fill it in before listing to reach more potential clients. The select few looking for a pool don’t always realize the cost involved in maintaining it.

For starters:

If you are looking to build an in-ground pool you will be looking at spending between $30,000 and 55,000.

Once you have a pool:

Liner replacement Coping Concrete maintenance Fencing with lock Chemicals (approx. $500/yr) Opening/closing costs Cleaning Equipment Pump maintenance & replacement Hydro costs for pump/heater Filters/Hoses Liability insurance/house insurance Your time

Make sure you do all the research before investing into a property with a pool!

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