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The Cost of Installing a Pool

Asking how much a  general pool installation costs is like asking how much a house costs.  Because there are many factors to how much it will cost to installing a pool, there is no one general price.  Factors such as the size, materials (concrete, fiberglass), shape, depth and also how much work you want to be involved in doing yourself, the pool surrounding and any other landscape or luxuries that are above the  basic pool package.  Getting the right options for the pool the first time is key.  This pool will be with the house for as long as you live there.  So having something you don’t like will be there for as long as you live in the house most likely, unless you want to spend more money to fix it.  There are so many variations of what you can get and therefore the prices will reflect those options.

If you are willing to do some of the work yourself like the concrete decking, final grading, cleaning, backfill, permit and electrical.  Then that can save you some money.   This package usually includes pool shell, shipping, pool equipment, excavation, setting of pol, backfill, filling pool with water and installation. These packages typically run from $25,000-45,000.

The next package that some pool companies offer is where they will do the decking, final grading and pool cleaning, along with the above mentioned items.  All the homeowner has to do is the backfill, permits and electrical.  These packages run anywhere from $30,000-60,000.

For the homeowner that just wants the “turn-key” pool without any work from their part, there is a package for them too.  In this package the pool company would do everything after the design has been approved.  From the installation to the fencing and electrical.  This kind of package can cost from $35,000-75,000.

These packages may not have all the extras that you are thinking of such as diving boards, slides, lighting (which can impact the appearance drastically), spas and other landscape gardens.  These things can really impact the price further.

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