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Swimming Pool Demolition, Removal & Fill In

Do you have an UNUSED swimming pool? Are you tired of spending thousands on maintenance and repairs? Call us – we can help. A little snow can’t stop us!! Spring bookings are going very fast, so get priority for your project in 2013 by calling TODAY! We offer a VARIETY of annual services.

The Swimming Pool Fill-In Demolition Removal Specialists have mastered the art of client satisfaction. Our services, procedures, and products stand out above the rest in terms of environmental commitment to our planet. We are fully insured, and we’re WSIB certified.

We demolish and remove pools of ALL sizes and types including above-ground, in-ground, wading, concrete (gunnite), vinyl, reflection, commercial, ponds, and fountains. We’re pool owners too, so we understand that when considering whether to demolish or repair the pool, it can be a stressful and expensive process. We promise you the best value for your money, using only the most efficient, skilled, and certified people in the industry with many years of experience!

Call: 519-474-0008

Email us for a free quote:

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