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RTF Grass Seed

It’s Simply Superior Grass Seed

RTF Water Saver grass seed’s special formulation gives you the advantages of both a fescue and bluegrass, to create a beautiful, lush, green, low maintenance lawn.

RTF® Water Saver grass seed offers:

Self-repairing turf

  1. Quickly fills in damages or open spots with new shoots of grass

  2. High level of traffic tolerance

  3. A dense turf without bare patches prevents weed growth

Strong, deep root system and drought tolerance

  1. Rapid development of a deep roots system

  2. Excellent drought and heat tolerance with less irrigation

  3. Adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions

Thrives in sun or shade

  1. Excellent in the transition zone climate (areas with both extreme heat and cold, like Canada)

  2. Will not brown out in the intense summer heat

  3. One of the most shade tolerant cool season grasses

Thrives with Less Water

  1. RTF is able to stay lush and green under conditions with 30% less watering (see research brochure and comparison chart)

Excellent colour and density

  1. Has fine leaves which produce a very dense, uniform turf

  2. Early spring green-up

  3. Keeps its rich green colour even in the summer heat.

Higher value for homeowners, municipalities and landscape trade

  1. Pest tolerant: High endophyte content in a RTF plants that produces alkaloids, making a RTF lawn undesirable for insects, grubs, or as forage for mammals.

  2. Disease resistant & healthy: RTF withstands several weather conditions and a host of environmental influences that increases tolerance to disease.

  3. Less over-seeding, fewer weed problems, and no ‘wide leaf’ or an ugly clumpy leaves. RTF produces a fine, dense leaf that is more consistent than ordinary fescues.

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