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Pool Demolishion & Removal in Guelph Ontario

Want To Fill In Your Pool??

There are many reasons to consider the option of filling in your pool.  Here is a list of some of the reasons our clients have removed there pools.

1) They have small children and do not want the risk.

2)  The maintenance is too much for them.

3) The cost is too much or just not worth it.

4) Kids have grown and moved out and it is not being used.

5) There are structural problems with the pool and it is not worth fixing.

6) Love the house but want the lush green yard to go with it.

Whatever the reason let professionals take care of removing it.  By calling S.P.M Landscape you will have a property Manager assigned to you and will have time set up to meet with you and discuss the options as well as the procedure to have it removed.  All pools and yards are different and require different methods of entering, getting equipment in and out and structural removal of the pool itself.

We remove above ground and in ground pools.

Call for a FREE no obligation QUOTE and free yourself from you pool.

For more information on the process of filling in your pool visit us at:

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