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Laying Sod In The Fall

Early spring and early fall are good times to lay sod as grass grows best in cool weather.  Lay sod early enough in the fall so that it has a chance to establish roots before winter sets in, and plant early enough in the spring so that the sod can get a good root system before the hot, dry weather set in.

Fall is a good time to lay sod as the temperatures are lower and the ground is staying damp.  Laying sod on a cool, overcast day minimizes plant stress.  Therefore early autumn is best as cool temperatures combines with rain fall help the sod root quickly.  Autumn is also a time when the plant is still growing and storing lots of nutrients for the dormant season of winter.  This gives the turf a head start for the next growing season.

It is important to prepare the ground for laying sod.  Remove twigs, stones, and anything else that might get in the way.  Break up any soil clumps that are larger then 2 inches and fill in low areas with a good topsoil.  If the soil is sandy or full of clay, either work in some organic matter or think about getting some good quality soil to resurface.  Smooth out the area and compact the soil slightly with a sod roller.  Lay the sod so the strips are staggered in a bricklike pattern and make sure to fit the pieces together butted up to each other.  Bare spots tend to grow weeds before the grass has a chance to fill them.  A utility knife or spade are great for cutting sod in irregular areas.

Once the sod has been laid run the sod roller over it to eliminate any air pockets and water it immediately.  Keep watering the sod daily (depending on rainfall), so that the soil is moist to a depth of 4 inches until the sod has a chance to take root (about 2-3 weeks).   Avoid mowing until it has a chance to root well.  To find if the sod is rooted, gently tug at it.  If there is resistance then there are roots anchored to the soil.

For good topsoil that will help the sod take roots contact your local landscape supplier.

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