Procedure Swimming Pool Removal & Demolition


Once you have decided that it is time to fill in the pool you might be wondering….HOW?

1)   Approx. 5 holes will be broken up in the deep end of the pool and 5  in the shallow end.
2)   All vinyl sides and debris will be removed and taken away.
3)   All unwanted concrete decks will be broken up and used as a fill in the  deep end.
4)   Metal Sides: will be cut down to a min of two feet below ground level
5)   Concrete Sides: broken up to 2 feet below ground level and used as  fill.
6)   Clean fill will be placed on the drive (or other designated spot)
7)   Our team will then begin to fill the pool with CLEAN FILL Soil  ~ Never free soil that may be contaminated**
8)   Soil will be tamped down to ensure the soil is being compacted.
9)   The remainder of the fill will be place in the hole and a final tamping  will take place.
10)   The top layer will (2 inc) will be filled with 2 way topsoil  ~ This is rich in nutrients to promote healthy grass growth.
11)   Seed or sod will be laid
12)  Clean up…we ensure the area is clean before we leave!

This part is up to you….. WATER, WATER, WATER!

Procedure Swimming Pool Removal & Demolition

Below is a video with more before, during and after images.