F.A.Q’s Pool Removal

Q: How long does the process take?

A: Most in ground pools take approximately 4-5 business days.
Day 1:         Prep Day; includes water drainage, liner removal and job preparation
Day 2/3:     Demolition day(s); jack hammering, torching, cutting, etc.
Day 4:        Fill day; pool is filled, graded and leveled
Day 5:        Sod Day;  lay sod and complete final touches

Q: Do I need a permit to fill in my pool?

A: No.  You do not need a permit to fill and existing hole.

Q: How many holes should there be in the bottom of the pool for proper drainage?

A: There should be 4 holes in the shallow end & 4 holes in the deep end.
SPM Landscape takes it the extra mile and breaks up the slope form the shallow end to the deep end as well.

Q: What type of payment do you take?

A: SPM Landscape accepts cheque or cash as forms of payment for pool removals.
SPM Landscape also offers payment plan options

Q: If you have to remove the fence can you put it back?

A: In most cases fencing need to be taken down in order to gain access to the yard.
If you would like to salvage the fence SPM Landscape will remove it, set it aside and put back once the project is complete.
If a post needs to be remove a metal post sleeve will be used to reinstall.

Q: What size opening do you need to get the equipment into the yard?

A: The largest machine that would need to access the yard requires 60-72 inc wide opening and is 6 ft in height.

Q: What happens if the machines tear up my grass leading to the yard?

A: SPM Landscape uses an enriched soil to level out any area affected by tire makes etc.  Soil is then levelled and sprinkled with RTF grass seed.  A 10 lbs bag of RTF grass seed is included in all pool removals.  The seed can be used for clear patches or over the sod to bind the sod together.

Q: What type of soil do you use?

A: SPM Landscape ALWAYS uses clean, non-contaminated soil.  All product is supplied by reliable supplies that have soil sample documentation on file.
Be cautious of free/cheap soil as you may not know where it came from and may be contaminated

Q: What type of sod do you use?

A: SPM Landscape uses Kentucky Bluegrass: a cool season, perennial ground cover; forming a beautiful, high quality, dense sod when grown in pure stands. Grass color ranges from bright green to deep bluish green.

Q: What can be used as ‘fill’ in the pool?

A: If you have cement or patio stones around your pool those can be used as clean fill as well as trees, bushes, plants, etc. These are all considered clean fill and are environmentally friendly.  You can NOT use any plastics, pressure treated wood, railroad ties, anything that is not environmentally friendly.

Q: Can you take all the pumps and pool equipment?

A: Yes.  All pool equipment will be disposed of and removed. This includes: Pump, filters, diving boards, ladders, slides, hoses, etc.   If there are certain items you wish to save or try and sell they can be put aside.

Q: Are you covered by insurance and liability?

A: Yes.  Employees of SPM Landscape are covered by WSIB
SPM Landscape is fully insured and carries $2 million in liability insurance.

Q: What happens if sink hole appear once you are finished the job?

A:  SPM Landscape takes pride in all of their work and stands by it 100%.  SPM Landscape offer a 1 year warranty on any sinking.  Once the yard is levelled, compacted, sodded, etc. it should be left to bond and grow.  With our forever changing climate it is possible that there may be a bit of movement once completely settled.  If any sinking happens SPM Landscape will come back, fill the spot with enriched soil and grass seed with RTF grass seed.

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